Holiday Comfort

Holiday Comfort

No matter what areas we travel in, we always do our best to ensure that accommodations best reflect those specific areas. We always aim for requirements such as cleanliness, safety, location and of course, comfort. Accommodation can vary by destination and the types of holidays.


These basic accommodations offer the most memorable places to stay. They are located in the remote areas. They can be rustic and private bathroom, hot and running cold water may not always be available. These may include communal or camping style. The overall comfort level meets all your basic needs. However we use good standards hotels in cities, please refer to the individual itinerary.


Most of the mountain holidays use these comfortable accommodations.

These are small, family run establishment include mountain lodges and teahouses, as well as guest houses. These simple but clean and friendly accommodations offer you adequate amenities and service standards. However we use good standards hotels in the cities, please refer to the individual itinerary.


We use 2-3 star hotels in cities and carefully chosen, superior mountain lodges which offer you a good level of service with restaurant, bar and garden. Generally rooms are more comfortable with en-suit facilities.


These hand-picked 4-5 stars hotels have their local importance, excellent facilities and higher level of comfort. They provide the best amenities after long trekking or active day in city.