Holiday Grades

Holiday Grades

When we grade our holidays we need to consider many different factors including length of day, terrain, altitude, weather conditions. Since these factors are changeable and we don’t know your fitness level any grades are subjective. However our grade explanation gives you general idea what to expect.


Holidays within this grade usually mix sightseeing with easy-paced half and/or full day walks on good paths, at low altitude and undemanding terrain. Previous walking or trekking experience is not necessary.


The holidays in this grade typically involve average 4-6 hours of walking or trekking per day for 4-8 days on well-travelled, good paths. Altitudes are still relatively low, going no higher than 3500m. There are few daily ascent and descent. Someday days may be longer and more challenging than others. Suitable for most people who are in good health and enjoys hill walking.


Physically more demanding holidays where the daily average trekking time 5-7 hours for up to 12 days. These days involve more challenging daily ascent and descent, but till on the good mountain terrain. There can be the occasional difficult days. These holidays will be at higher altitudes, but not higher than 4500m. Perfect choice for regular walkers or anybody in reasonable level of fitness.


These challenging trekking holidays for regular hill/mountain walkers or anybody in good level of fitness who can walk 6-8 hours daily (with several longer days up to 12 hours) from 10 to 20 days. There will involve trekking over difficult terrain in isolated areas, significant amounts of very challenging ascent and descent at high altitude, up to 5500m. Trekking peak climbing may be involve at this grade in few holidays.

Expedition Grade

These holidays involve long, hard days on trek and may include nights spent camping above the snow line. Ice axe, crampons and safety ropes may be used. The maximum altitudes are around 6500m which provide a considerable physical challenge and some technical experience may also be required. Suitable for those with strenuous trekking experience in high mountain environments.