Why Us?

Why Us?

When most people talk about vacations, the conversation inevitably lands on drinks with little umbrellas and sandy beaches. In other words, the same old thing. If you are looking for this type of holiday we regret to tell you we can’t help you with this.  You only get one life to live, why not make it one filled with adventures? When you choose to try out an active holiday, your chance of adventure are dramatically increased because you will be trying something new in an extremely exotic locale.

Escape from the drama of your daily grind: Let’s face it, the stresses of our everyday lives can really take a toll on our well-being. When you do something exciting, fun and physical, endorphins are released that help to regulate the body’s level of stress. In other words, the more fun you have, the more stress you will release.

Are you ready to try an activity and discovery holiday but are not sure where to start? No worries, we are here to help you to take your vacation to a whole new level. FrozenGround will help you create memorable moments that will last a lifetime. In fact, we are willing to bet that your stories at the water cooler will never be the same again.

Explore New Cultures Like Never Before with FrozenGround’s Unique Active Holiday Packages

FrozenGround offers a wide range of adventure and activity holidays that will take you off the beaten track so that you experience Asia in a whole new way.

Our active holidays are excellent for explorers of all ages and skill levels. In fact, many can be easily customized to fit any level of fitness. In other words, we have the ability to design programs that fit each trekkers` specific needs. In this way you can enjoy Asia at your own pace.

We also provide trekkers with several opportunities to engage in a number of different activities to suit their particular level of skill. But that’s not all, we also add in a few days of sightseeing so that you can relax, take things slowly, and immerse yourself in the authentic cultural experiences that the area has to offer. In this way, we make sure that you can:

  • Choose whether you want an active holiday with a slow easy pace or if you would prefer squeezing the maximum amount of thrills out of every moment
  • Engage in a number of activities, regardless of your age, level of fitness, and abilities
  • Move at your own pace within the same itinerary of the adventure seekers
  • Experience key attractions and also unique sites that other companies don’t frequent

Your Passion – Our Care  

The experts at FrozenGround are here to help you take your vacation to a whole new level. We are passionate about mountains, travelling and all the other aspects of active adventure. Therefore, we design activity and discover holidays that will instil this same feeling inside of you. Our holidays are created for everyone.

Small in Size but Big in Customer Care

Because we are a (small) privately owned company, you can be sure that:

  • We will listen to you and personally ensure your needs are met, our customer service is unmatched
  • We offer a level of flexibility that they larger companies just can’t do, whether it concerns departure, itinerary, extra days, sightseeing, etc.
  • We have built long relationships with our partners to ensure your satisfaction
  • We provide unbeatable value
  • We guarantee to provide you with the best quality that the conditions allow
  • We work with the most experienced guides and other local partners to ensure that you receive the best available accommodations, food, transport, and more. Utilizing the help of the locals makes certain that you will receive a totally immersive and authentic cultural experience.
  • Our prices are competitive and our service is reliable.

Our Knowledge of Our Exotic Destinations is Unsurpassed

We have many years of travelling, mountaineering, trekking experience so you can be sure that we know exactly what is needed for a joyful, fantastic travel experience that will satisfy your activity and discover vacation needs.

Your Safety is Our Top Priority

  • Our itineraries are carefully designed to ensure the best acclimatization
  • Our qualified local guides are extensively trained
  • In case of accident, rescue service is available
  • We provide safe transport, adventure, accommodation…etc

How We Travel – Experience the Beauty of the Outdoors with Other Like-minded Individuals

One of the biggest benefits that one receives from active holidays is the chance to experience new things with other people who love and appreciate nature as much as you do. With this in mind, we organize our tours into small groups of 8. This grouping offers many advantages.

Some of these include:

  • You will receive full support from our expert and local guides
  • Get many chances to make new friends and share personal stories and jokes with your group mates
  • Utilizing small groups minimizes the impact on the environment that we are exploring

We Take the Responsible Approach

We are passionate about every little detail involved with active holidays; we even help support the economy of the countries that we travel to by utilizing only local service, small family run facilities. Join us and experience life like never before. No more of the same old things, expand your perspective and venture towards new horizons on an activity and discover holiday with us.